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The Department of Clinical Haematology offers services for the management of all kinds of haematological diseases including blood cancers. It provides the best possible neutropenic environment for patients receiving chemotherapy and is rapidly progressing to establish the requisite facility to perform Stem Cell Transplantation for different disease categories.


Bone Marrow Transplant

Clinical Haematology

Haemato-oncology (Blood Cancer)

Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)

Haematopathology (Laboratory Haematology)

Clinical Haematology is the discipline that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the blood and bone marrow. The department provides state-of-the-art management for all spectrums of benign and malignant blood-related disorders. Physicians in this department manage the following categories of diseases:

General Haematology:

Anaemia (acquired): Iron deficiency anemia, B12 & folate deficiency, haemolytic anaemia, PNH, anaemia due to chronic disease, MDS.

Anaemia (congenital): Thalassemia and other Haemoglobinopathies (abnormal heamoglobin).

Coagulation and Bleeding disorders: Haemophilia, any abnormal/ prolonged bleeding, Von Willebrand disease, ITP, Functional platelet diseases, DIC

Haemato-oncology (Blood Cancer):

Leukaemia – acute and chronic

Lymphona – Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins

Multiple Myeloma and other Plasma cell disorders

Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) has the most modern technology and has the most secure blood transfusion policy, maintaining quality in every aspect, and capable of providing all kinds of blood components 24 hours a day. We provide plasma exchange and leukapheresis for appropriate patients.

Haematopathology (Laboratory Haematology) is equipped with state-of-the-art Hematology Lab, under co-ordination of our Haematology Consultant, through which we offer comprehensive analysis and interpretation of various haematological tests for appropriate screening, diagnosis and check-up.

Consultation & Appointment
Prof. Dr. Manzur Morshed
Senior Consultant - Clinical Haematology


Dr. Muhammad Nurul Farhad
Associate Consultant - Clinical Haematology


Dr. Dilshad Jahan
Consultant - Bone Marrow Transplant


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